Who we are and were not!

In our owners mind, The Flat Tire Bike Shop is less of a bike shop and more of a pirate ship.  Instead of sailing the seven seas, our ship is sailing the currents of lackluster strip mall bike shops. Our mission is to bring back the passion and art of what a bike shop should be. Whether that means meticulously prepping a race bike, or tuning up your daily commuter.

Our goal is not to do a good job, we strive to do the best job. Mechanicing is only scratching the surface of what we do here at The Flat Tire Bike Shop (though it is what we take most pride in). Our staff includes the whole spectrum of cyclists; from the weekend warrior to the professional racer.

Whatever unique needs or questions you may have, we have someone on staff who can help you. A bike shop should not simply be a place of business, it should be a hub of the cycling community. Too many shops today have forgotten this. Community is the biggest thing we’ve got going for us, and we want to share that with whoever walks, stumbles, or rolls through our front doors. So come join Captain Kaolin Cosmo Cummens (our owner) and stop by the Flat Tire Bike Ship. if you like bikes, chances are were going to like you…. Most of you, at least.

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01 Meet Our Team

  • John Tyler III

  • Kaolin Cosmo Cummens

  • Brian

  • Mark